Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Technology now adds a new dimension to religion!

Devotees in Islam now have a unique tool by their side with which they can make their prayer regimen more disciplined and even offer them to their children. By using this application, even young children can acquire a greater discipline and understand the true meaning of Islam. There are lot of features in this application that we will discuss in detail in this piece.

·        Easy download: This is one thing that really works in favour of this application. The application authors have ensured that it can load itself superbly on all devices powered by Android be it phone or tablet under any kind of network conditions. It takes very little space and that is good news for smartphone users as they are usually constrained for space.

·        Great look and feel: This is another distinctive feature that stands out once you download this application and makes it a delight to use. The user interface is good which makes the user experience superb.

·        Mosque Finder: Find the nearest mosque using this application and you will get to know the number of mosques where you can offer namaz in the vicinity. In order to activate this functionality, you need to activate the GPS navigation finder which this application will prompt you to do so, right at the beginning.

·        Qibla Compass: Islamic theology requires devotees to face the Medina whenever they are offering prayers from any part of the world. The fourteen different templates of the Qibla compass that are being offered are beautiful in design and can be changed daily also.

·        Waktu Solat: This functionality will help you convert the date from the English calendar to the Hijri calendar to know how close you are to any major Islamic festival. This functionality can also be used to offer prayers at the right time be it Fazr, Azr, Usr, Zohr, and Maghrib.
·        40 hadith: Snippets of information are offered by this application about the daily regimen followed by the Prophet and the same can be followed by devotees also.

·        Tasbeeh Counter: Instead of using a necklace with beads on it to count the number of times, the name of Allah has been recited; devotees can use the tasbeeh counter in full screen format.

·        99 names of Allah: If you are thinking of naming your first or second child or the child of any relative, then its best to know the ninety nine names of Allah that are mentioned in Arabic with their meaning in English

·         Quran: Verses from the Quran are offered in the form of short snippets and information about the five pillars of Islam namely: Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Fasting, Hajj are offered in this application.

All in all, this is a very useful application that can be used to offer prayers, discipline your prayer regimen, and become more aware and informed about Islam that is one of the greatest religions of mankind. Use this application, once and tell us about your experience. We will be looking forward to hear your opinion.

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